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What is Polskedanslaget?

Polskedanslaget (The Polske Dance Team) is an association for us in the Gothenburg region that love to dance polska.

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Our members are teenagers and adults.

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Where and when?

We dance in Gräfsnäsgårdens Annex Wednesday evenings at 19.00 - 21.15. Pop in if you are in the neighbourhood!

(During the summer we close down and you will find us instead at the many spelmansstämmor that are arranged all over Sweden.)

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What do we dance?

We dance Swedish polskor. A few examples are: Halländsk snoepolska, Springdans och polska från Hogdal Lommeland, Finnskogspols, Polska från Rättvik, Polska från Bingsjö, Polska från Boda, Polska från Ore, Polska från Malung, Bakmes, hambovals och pols från Särna, Gammalvänster från Oviken and Åtabakspolska från Föllinge.

Sometimes we vary our dance with Rörospols, Lybeckare, and Engelska etc.

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Live music polska dance parties

We usually arrange two live music polska dance parties called each term. Everyone is welcome. We don’t include dance instruction on party evenings.

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National and district organisation

We are a member association of Svenska Folkdansringen (the folk dancers national association) but we do NOT dance kadriljer etc. The Gothenburg district of Folkdansringen owns Gräfsnäsgården and its Annex.

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Link page to foreign (e.g. USA) homepages

Click here to go to our page (in Swedish) with links to foreign homepages regarding polska dance groups and “spelmän” (=folk musicians).


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